Rebels opened mortar fire at BVC airplane

october, 2009

ON 29 October, Rebels opened mortar fire at BVC airplane owned by Barthe Cortes immediately after its landing at the airport near Obbia. (Somalia). The attack was claimed by Al-Shabaab, a group of extreme Islamists related to Al-Qaeda, which sent to media a recording of the attacking. The group's press spokesman sheikh Hussein Ali Fidow said that the attacks were launched against enemies of Allah who came to Somalia to spread democracy. Hussein Ali Fidow accused Barthe Cortes directly of acting in aid of the Somali temporary government. Airline owner Cortes said that there were no flight suspension plans.

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Life in the metropolis returns to normal

Some streets within the capital are again beaming with activities on the first working day, after the Christmas holidays. Human and vehicular traffic, have however become much less than it was during the period just before the Christmas holidays, although some vehicular traffic jams could be seen in some streets around Makola and Accra Central Business area
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