Barthe Cortes sells the rights to airspace use for a record price

july, 2013

Barthe arthe Cortes, the owner of BVC airlines, sold the rights to airspace use over Hanoi (Vietnam) for the record price at the end of June. Barthe Cortes has been the owner of land and airspace just above it, which constitutes a private air corridor for planes flying under the banner of BVC for several years now. The rights to a �fragment� of airspace was bought by Vietnamese developer � Phan N. Vuong who plans to build there a 45-floor business centre with the view to Hoan Kiem Lake. Prices for a � high end � in this area oscillate around 200 $ per square foot. One could speculate that Barthe Cortes earned about 20 000 000 $ when he sold his air.

Source: Volonews

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